Litho stone with a paring knife

MAZZOTTI BOOKS is an independent bookbinding and printing studio situated in East London, owned and run by Manuel Mazzotti.

He is a bookbinder, designer and trained engineer who uses his diverse knowledge to create limited edition books, prints, book prototypes and presentation boxes.
His passion for bookbinding and printing has led him to collaborate with a wide variety of clients from independent artists to architectural firms and publishing companies.

During the past few years he has been awarded with the Maureen Duke Award in bookbinding  and the prestigious QEST (Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust)
scholarship in bookbinding and paper.

The studio’s primary aim is to be a platform for research into contemporary bookbinding, challenging preconceived ideas about what a book should look like and what materials should be used. Second to this the studio promotes the book as the most effective and relevant medium for sharing stories.

Moreover MAZZOTTI BOOKS seeks to bridge the gap between a traditional bindery and a publishing company, highlighting the variety of possible solutions for limited editions books.

The studio’s work has been shown in multiple museums, exhibitions and festivals, both nationally (UK) and internationally and it is also part of permanent museum and library collections like The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Tate, The British Library, London College of Fashion and National Poetry Library.